Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Prefer to use a Math online textbook and you are an MP student/parent??

Online Math Textbook information (FOR MP STUDENTS ONLY!!) Below are links and passwords for students and parent to access their Math textbooks (I believe you can save these onto your hard drive in pdf format!).

Glencoe website to access student-online editions:

NOTE: The following User Names and Passwords are case-sensitive…

6th Grade math book:
User Name: MAC104NC
Password: dray7C9sTA

7th Grade math book:
User Name: MAC204NC
Password: 8RutrUBAgA

8th Grade pre-algebra book:
User Name: PREALG04NC
Password: K6spuzece6

Algebra book:
User Name: ALG1NC04
Password: 5jwiFN64

NOTE: It is recommended that you use the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these documents – this way you will be able to “turn” the pages in the books. It is also recommended that you update your web browser to make sure that it is capable of handling files of this type.

For answers to frequently-asked questions (FAQ’s) using the online editions, go to: